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  • Résumé VALERIE : VALorising European Research for Innovation in agriculturE and forestry

    EUROPEAN COMMISSION 7th Framework Programme for Research, technological Development and Demonstration

    Coordinating person : Hein F.M. ten Berge (DLO)

    Objectives :

    • develop and implement a method to drive innovation - in case studies with stakeholder communities - through an iterative process of articulating the demand and tailoring the supply of specific knowledge (stakeholder-driven method)
    • translate research outcomes with innovation potential into formats for use by end-users (farmers, advisers, and enterprises in the supply chain)
    • establish a generic infrastructure that will enable ‘fresh’ stakeholder communities to apply our method, beyond the life of the VALERIE project.

    Partenaires français : INRA AGIR Éric JUSTES, RMT Florad, ACTA, CETIOM,


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